Precision Shooting Platform (PSP)

The PSP is an ideal way to stabilize your rifle while shooting off of a tripod.  Pictured is the PSP attached to Tripod.

Utilizing a bag between the PSP and rifle provides stability, and allows the bag to dampen recoil, human movement, and wind induced oscillations.  Plus target acquisition and engagement is much quicker than direct attachment to a vice, or ball head.

During development of the PSP, I always had my Weibad Tac Pad attached.  It served me well during various matches like the Team Safari  and the Wyoming Tactical Rifle Championship.

The PSP is manufactured using a proprietary ultralight aerospace composite material that is stronger than aluminum, and only weighs a fraction of an ounce more than carbon fiber.

The plate material we use in our product is less than 1/8″ thick, yet very strong and rigid.

The surface has special anti-glare properties that drastically reduces the reflection from sun, moon, or artificial light.

The camouflage pattern visible is a random fabric weave embedded in the plate that appears to be digital camouflage.

Because of the smooth surface of the plate, we are offering a proprietary anti-slip material that is similar to Flat Dark Earth in color, but with a slight tint of green added.

With input from competitive shooters, hunters, military, and law enforcement professionals, our first priority was to make a product that was as light as possible, while maintaining the strength and durability of heavier materials.

We have some other products in the works, and anticipate the release of those products soon.