Precision Loading Tray

A-D Precision would like to introduce the Precision Loading Tray.  We strive for perfection when reloading, so it was only natural to design and produce the perfect cartridge loading tray.
  Designed around 6BR based cartridges, we made the tray slightly larger, with holes spaced further apart so those of us with adult sized hands and fingers can grab the case around the body of the cartridge instead of by neck of the cartridge.  The hole diameter size is optimized to prevent case wobble, and the depth is shallow enough to allow a good portion of the case to be above the surface for easy handling.  Other cartridges such as 6.5x47L and 6.5 Creedmoor are also a perfect fit, as is the 308Win.
  The tray area was designed with large radius corners, so you’re not chasing that little 6mm bullet around that tight corner like in the other trays or bullet boxes.
  The outside edge has a finger grove  to allow an easy grip, and the bottom incorporates silicone rubber feet, and the trays are stackable.