About Us

About A-D Precision:

A-D Precision was started by a retired combat veteran, who has a passion for precision long range shooting.  Looking to always improve a process, a product, or create new innovative equipment, A-D Precision takes the experiences of competitive and precision long range shooting, and looks for ways to provide our customer’s with solutions to overcome obstacles, and provide mission success.  Whether on the Battlefield, on a Hunt, or at a Match, A-D Precision is here to support your needs with quality equipment and products.

Notice of Intellectual Property Rights: 
A-D Precision and its products are protected, in whole or in part, by United States and/or foreign patents, trade marks, copy rights, and common law.
All designs, materials, combination of designs and materials used including images, logos, art, icons, photographs, copy and other material that appear as part of this product line are properties owned by A-D Precision.